You are currently viewing 8 Fibromyalgia Pain Types: How Many Do You Have?

8 Fibromyalgia Pain Types: How Many Do You Have?

Today we are going through 8 fibromyalgia pain types. Fibromyalgia is commonly defined as a condition a syndrome where you have pain in all four quadrants of your body. Also, accompanied by sleeplessness and chronic brain fog. It is a syndrome and is often just a catch-all for many types of unknown chronic pain.

Sometimes different treatment methods can get widely different treatment results, depending on one patient to the next which can be aggravating for both doctors and for patients. These are also known as fibromyalgia symptoms of tender points.

Fibromyalgia Pain Types

Think of it instead as eight different types of pain or eight knots that can all be tied together. In fact, one fibro patient may have three knots tied together. Another may have three different types of fibromyalgia pain tied together. The common fibromyalgia symptoms in females are resulting in very different types of pain popping up and also very different results when different treatment methods are used. So what are the eight types of pain?

  • Floating Pain

Now, these are types of pains that float around the body from place to place. And are often accompanied by pain at the back of the neck or like really stiff neck and shoulders or even like a real pain at the base of the skull like a headache back there. Sometimes it is fibromyalgia abdominal pain right side of the body. So this type of pain means your immune system is going.

  • Heavy Pain with Gut Issues

It feels like you’ve got a lot of food allergies. A lot of foods make your stomach bloat. Feels like you have not followed your fibromyalgia diet. Particularly like a lot of strange cravings like really craving sugars, soda, there are a few examples. Often can accompany by those dull heavy fibromyalgia hip pain. That’s almost like when you have a head cold and your head just feels soggy, that kind of muscle pain. This can also be also can be accompanied by pain that gets worse. Let’s say when a storm comes through you can feel it like in the pressure change or when the seasons change, the weather shifts.

  • Worse with Stress or Sitting

It is marked by sleeplessness. It is like difficulty getting to sleep. As well as a great deal of stress and anxiety and often they need to move. So if you have this type of pain among the 8 fibromyalgia pain types where you’re like I just need to get out, move or I’m going to crazy or the pain flares up with stress and sitting make it worse. This usually means you’re nitric oxides all messed up in your body. Meaning? It’s jammed up. You get traffic jams due to inflammation. This is the most common type not to be tied.

  • Worse in morning or Injuries

Now this one is marked by pain that is worse in the morning and makes it better throughout the day. It is often following old fibromyalgia foot pain injuries or maybe a car collision something to that effect. This is where blood is stuck in. Its platelet adhesion. Blood may be stuck wrapped around nerves blocking off these highways of gases and nutrients and fluids that are nourishing your organs and whatnot.

  • Low Energy and Back Pain

Sometimes waking up in the middle of the night to pee a lot of waking up that lower back pain but in general, you might find yourself yawning a whole bunch. You’re kind of like a half old balloon or a half-filled basketball and here exercising makes things worse. This is a low energy type among the 8 fibromyalgia pain types.

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fibromyalgia pain types are telling

  • Hot at Night with Irritability

Maybe some aspects of the blood or a little off. You might feel like your coolant system is off. Waking up in the middle of the night really hot and sweaty. Ease of your ability, maybe having started getting brittle nails and brittle hair. Generally almost feeling a little bit like you have PMS all the time.

  • Feels Like Menopause

It is a little more extreme from above fibromyalgia pain types. This is definitely where your hair and nails are getting brittle. You may feel like you’re going through menopause lots of hot flashes, dry skin, dry hair maybe even you can’t sweat anymore. Definitely waking up hot like you just can’t cool down properly. Like you’re an engine running without enough oil.

  • Winter Is Coming

It’s almost like your body doesn’t have a heater. It’s the opposite. This is where you feel really cold. There’s just not enough, you may have really you know ease or susceptibility of getting sick because your body doesn’t have the strength to push everything out. This could be potentially accompanied by weight gain. Definitely retention of fluids and probably also that of course waking up in the middle of the night. Lower back pain, peeing a lot like waking up constantly throughout the night.

Fibromyalgia Pain Types Can Happen

This can happen within your body with your organs and other associated fibromyalgia symptoms and that’s how some of these fibromyalgia pain types can get tied together. Now you may be looking at and checking off on a checklist you might say I have all of these well, yes you might. This is how you can go from ‘oh you might start with type three and then a few years down the road it’s symptoms get worse and worse. You might have five-six or even eight types tied together.

How to start?

So in general, for treatment just start with the lowest number and work with that first. Meaning? If you have type one, or three or all 8 fibromyalgia pain types tied together and you can see that from the above list. Start with type one let’s start working on at first and then type three and then let’s go on the type five build that up.

Notice Your Stage

So once you notice that you know for like type one the floating pain stop. That’s a good time to go to a different stage. Type two, you can digest things properly and that heavy kind of bloated weight gain you know water retention goes and starts to fade, time for the next stage. After that, notice type three when you can sleep all right you’re making progress when you can actually relax that’s huge progress. Type four, when that pain early in the morning starts to shift that’s great. For types five, through eight generally just keep working at those that are just going to strengthen your body. Work on your fibromyalgia diagnosis aswell.

Final Words

Overall throughout the period of time, you’re going to start adding more gradually reinvesting that new energy into more. So just start with the lowest number among 8 fibromyalgia pain types and work your way up. This is a very brief overview of the eight types of fibromyalgia pain.




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